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Emirati-Belgian wardrobe is distinguished by international quality and gives your room a touch of elegance and beauty.
Well Organized Closet
Are you looking for your dream wardrobe?
We have a free service provided by professional cabinet designers to our clients in the United Arab Emirates.
A place to store seasonal clothes
With the change of seasons and at the beginning of each season, we begin to store the clothes of the previous season and take out clothes for the current season and so the process is repeated with each new season, and to keep your clothes in an organized and elegant way, you can store your clothes in an orderly and elegant way.
Clothes Hanging
The most important tips in designing the cupboard from the inside
We will cover some quick tips on designing your wardrobe from the inside to get the perfect shape for the bedroom
You must specify all the supplies you need in the closet according to your clothes and their classifications, what you want to put in the closet and the space available or left for free design. . . Then, in a memo, specify the location of each type of classification (clothes, shoes, bags, furnishings, etc.). This method will save you time in the future and not lose your belongings and also save a lot of time when placing your things, try this simple advice because it is effective Great, put everything in its own place, when you allocate a place for each of your things, it helps you a lot in organizing the cabinet, and makes it easy for you to reach what you want without the annoying mess of the open shelves. Open shelves or baskets are indispensable in any wardrobe, these are the places designated for placing small items such as accessories, socks, shoes, etc.
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