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Aluminum and glass

What is aluminum? Aluminum is one of the most important metals known and used a lot in many fields and it is characterized by being non-toxic and used in packaging. It is also characterized by durability and low density, so it is used in ships, planes, doors and windows for its ability to conduct electricity, as well as its ease of formation and flexibility.
Interior Windows
A common use of aluminum is:
Interior doors such as the doors of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies have become one of the most important influences in the decor of your home and choosing modern models with appropriate colors gives your home a wonderful beauty and a distinctive shape. The colors are responsible for adding an imaginative look to the facade of your home. Aluminum windows have many shapes and colors and help you to see better outside by creating large areas of glass in them and increasing the transmittance of the sun
Advantages of aluminum doors:
It prevents water leaks and repels moisture
It has a variety of shapes and multiple colors to suit all tastes
It lasts for long periods of time, requires no paint and is low in maintenance
Rigidity, strength and durability despite its light weight
Suitable for all seasons, they are dust-proof, water-proof and heat-insulating
You feel safe and maintain your privacy
They are not expandable or shrinkage like wooden doors
Functional, strong and weather-resistant doors
It is not easily broken or damaged
French Doors
: Features of aluminum windows
Completely insulated from dust and water
Bear with climate change
Available in multiple designs and various colors
It is characterized by ease of use and durability
Isolate to light and heat
Open Window
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