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Bathroom Sinks
The washbasins represent an important part in the design of the bathrooms, so attention must be paid to choosing the latest designs that suit the bathroom decor. The washbasins are no longer just a hand-washing basin only, but have become an element that occupies a place in the world of decoration and elegance of bathrooms
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One of the latest fashion lines in bathroom designs is choosing the washbasins with cabinets made of wood or acetylcholine, which are no longer exclusive to the old ceramic or porcelain sinks, so they come in many different models and colors and they add an aesthetic touch to the bathrooms in addition to the luxury and distinction that compares to the largest hotels and palaces
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The colors varied and were not limited. Rather, it combined all the dark and light colors that were made of wood, and the golden and silver shiny sinks occupied a prominent place in the modern designs of the bathroom sinks, which were combined with the steel washbasins.
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