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PVC kitchens

Kitchens of all types and shapes are an essential and main part of every home. Therefore, when establishing a new home, the owners of this house are keen to choose the shape and raw material of the kitchen appropriate with the place, which helps to give a healthy and aesthetic appearance to the kitchen at the same time, and therefore we are always following the latest designs and models
PVC Kitchens Features
It can withstand a temperature of more than 30 degrees below zero
Weatherproofing and air
Not conductive of electricity
Anti-termite and insect repellent
Resistant to high humidity
Resistant to salts and moisture
Not subject to cracking
It is not affected by acids or alkalis
Highly resistant to abrasion, rust, abrasion and abrasion
Withstand a temperature of 80 ° C
30dB soundproofing gives excellent noise protection
A heat insulator that passes heat slightly
Reflecting the sun's rays, the surface stays cool even after exposure to the sun
An external trim is available to cover construction defects and give an aesthetic appearance
It is available in several colors and is an alternative to wood and aluminum
It has wooden colors that can be formed in several styles, such as Andalusian, Roman and European, according to your desire
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